Who We Are

The borders of Bigelow Highlands Neighborhood are Puget Street NE on the West, 4th Ave. E. to the South, Fir Street NE on the East and Yew Street NE on the North.

Bigelow Highlands Board of Directors

President- Mark Crosson, <bhna.506.pres@gmail>
Vice President- Melissa Allen, <bhna.506.vpres@gmail.com> 357-7055
Treasurer- C Davis, <bhna.506.treas@gmail.com
Secretary- Susi O'Bryan, <bhna.506.sec@gmail.com>, 754-4021

Newsletter Distribution- Debbie Ingram, <bhna.506.newsletter@gmail.com>
Block Watch- Angie Warner-Rein, <bhna.506.blockwatch@gmail.com>