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Missing Middle

posted Nov 15, 2017, 7:48 PM by Jason Walker
What is "The Missing Middle" you may ask?

The City of Olympia is considering code changes to allow more housing choices in our community.  The term “Missing Middle” refers to a range of housing types that can provide more than one housing unit per lot and be compatible with existing neighborhoods.  Allowing for a range of housing options is essential to help ensure housing availability for all. 

Bigelow Highlands is included in the rezoning area.  I strong encourage you to read the City's website regarding this topic and then take their survey.  They want feedback however, the feedback time is very short time November 15-30.  So be that informed neighbor and share your thoughts by taking their survey.  The link is at the top of the page in the green box. (  Remember you only have until the end of the month.

Marj Shomshor
Communications Chairs