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Membership and Contributions

Ways to Contribute to BHNA
Are you a frequent shopper at Ralph's or Bayview Thriftway? If so, you can help support BHNA by using your ThrifteCard. You may remember using their Community Rebate Card in the past. These cards are being phased out and will be replaced with the new ThrifteCard. Designate Bigelow Highlands Neighborhood Association #1122 as the participating 1% organization for the ThrifteCard. Then hand your ThrifteCard to the cashier and 1% of your total purchase will be contributed to BHNA through their Community Rebate Program. See below for the ThrifteCard form. Questions? Call their helpline (754-2203) or email

If you live within the boundaries of the Bigelow Highlands Neighborhood (Puget St. NE, 4th Ave. E., Fir St. NE, and Yew Street NE), YOU ARE A MEMBER!

Membership dues are a voluntary contribution of the suggested amount of $10 per household per year. Your contribution funds neighborhood events and programs such as:
  • Neighborhood beautification, graffiti removal
  • The BHNA website
  • The BHNA Annual Picnic (Aug/Sept)
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